About Kevin

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"Photography is my oxygen..."

I have my mother to thank for my passion in photography She bought me my first camera when I was just eleven. Now, over 40 years later photography is in my bones, it is my oxygen.

I remember buying my first 35mm camera, (second-hand) a couple of years later. I joined the school camera club and spent hours in the school darkroom, learning how to mix chemicals, process the negatives and develop the prints.

In my late teens I left my hometown of Brighton to live in London working for the BBC film department and I bought my first single lens reflex (SLR) camera.

Digital has transformed my photography in recent years, as it has for most long-serving photographers; and long hours in the darkroom have been replaced with long hours at the computer, fine-tweaking images to get the very best out of each shot.

These days my camera takes me all over UK and to locations around the world - I am grateful to my mother for encouraging me all those years ago.


8 February 2017 we launched a new, website focusing solely on family and child photography.  www.kidsinfocus.co.uk showcases a new direction of portraiture that's rich in colour, magical in style with an almost ethereal quality for some of the images. Click on the link for more information.

From July 2016 my wife and I launched a brand new Photography Training business called the Hampshire School of Photography.  From next year, all my photography tuition, both courses and private mentoring will be run through the new training website: hampshirephotoschool.com.   Please click on the link and see the new expanded range of photography workshops.